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Tile Tips


All tile installations need maintenance of one kind or another.
There’s a trade-off between the beauty of natural stone and the
necessity of regular sealing.  Porcelain tile is a great compromise:
stone like finish in all shapes and sizes, very durable with minimal
maintenance required.

Tile Selection

Tile is available from all over the Globe. It’s astounding the array of colors,
shapes, sizes, textures and materials of tiles in our market place today.
However, it’s good to keep in mind that not all tile is suitable for every
Installation. Tile is rated for strength and slip resistance and always ask a
tile professional if the tile you like is the most appropriate for your project.


There are numerous tile related accessories available in today’s market.
‘Profiles’ add a finished edge to pretty much any tile installation and are
available in metal and plastic, and a large variety of colors and sizes.

Latest Industry Trends

The best source for researching the latest tile industry trends is with your

local tile store/showroom. Look at you tile stores websites for ideas and

follow-up with a visit.

Color coordination

When remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, it’s a good idea to come up with a general
color scheme before work begins. As tile is now available in many colors, sizes and
textures it’s worth your time to pick out tile samples and display them on your
kitchen backsplash, for example. See how it goes with your wall and counter colors.



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